Maths Competitions

I won a Silver Medal in the Balkan Maths Olympiad 2016; here is my report on this event.

I was selected as a member of the UK IMO Squad in 2016, and was eventually selected as a reserve for the IMO in Hong Kong.

More Things

In 2016, I scored 60/60 in the BMO1, and qualified into the Trinity Camp after the BMO2. As requested by a friend:

I have been part of the joint UK-Hungary Camp in 2015 and 2016, which have both been great fun. From request: here is a report that I wrote for my school of my experience from the 2016 Camp.

I participated in the Leeds Summer School in 2014, as well as the Oxford Initial Training Camp in the same year.

I scored full marks in the Intermediate Maths Challenge in Y9, Y10; in the Maclaurin Maths Olympiad in Y11; in the Senior Maths Challenge in Y12.