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I love maths! I have participated in quite a few competitions organised by the UKMT (for more on this, click here). I like making problems, particularly difficult ones. Have a look around; I have uploaded various bits and bobs of documents, websites and general maths projects that I have created.

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01-09-2015 I have started writing a book on Olympiad Techniques for people who are at BMO2 level or so. Please have a look at the unfinished version. I will be updating it every now and then.
17-08-2014 Sorry for the delay! Solutions to WPS2 are now available. Please help me check through them for errors if you have the time. Also please rate each sheet's difficulty.
08-08-2014 WPS 3 is now available! Solutions to WPS2 will be available soon.
06-08-2014 I found this problem's solution so ingenious that I have posted it here. I am unsure of the source, but I remember that it was in a high-level competition.
Problem 1: A 4 by 4 square has its opposite corners cut off so that in total, one unit square is removed (see diagram). Show how to make one cut to form two pieces which can be rearranged to make a 3 by 5 rectangle. (see solution)

01-08-2014: Weekly Problem Solving 2 has been released, as well as the solutions for WPS1. Have fun solving!
24-07-2014: I have started producing a sheet of Weekly Problems; see the page for more details.